Béatrice Blais


Agent Martin Béliveau
Coordination Valérie Desautels

Weight : kg
Height : cm
Eyes :
Hairs :
Spoken languages : Français et Anglais
Member of : SARTEC


Béatrice Blais launched her career in comedy. After realising comedic writing was right up her alley, she did stand-up, improvisation, comedy columns on the radio for a few years and even started her own comedy and improvisation event.

Discovering a passion for writing, it is when the pandemic hit that she reinvented herself. Influenced by sitcoms like Le coeur à ses raisons, The office and How i met your mother, she immersed herself in the writing of her own sitcom, which earned her a place as script writer in the Writing - Fiction series curriculum at INIS. Thus, she now works alone or collaborating, on multiple projects that fall between frank and dark comedy. Basing herself on her past experiences, Béatrice uses writing as a way to denounce, and what better medium than comedy to talk about sensitive topics?

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  • CISM 89,3 FM / Chroniqueuse mensuelle / CISM / 2019 to 2022
  • Cabaret humour et impro / Animatrice / humoriste / improvisatrice / 2021
  • Braquage, Théâtre immersif / Script-éditrice / 2022

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