Frédéric Simard


Agent Martin Béliveau
Coordination Valérie Desautels

Weight : kg
Height : cm
Eyes : brown
Hairs : châtain
Spoken languages :
Member of : SARTEC


Coming from the advertising world, Fred Simard has mastered the art of writing well-timed dialogue, with a punch that is able to reach the public. As an author, he was able to develop his talent for television writing while being part of the 2019 class of the National Comedy School, in the scriptwriting for television comedy curriculum. 

Fred is the co author of the series Synvain Rénove tel que vu à TV, winner of the Gémeaux prize for Best Digital Component in a TV Series, and was a finalist in the Best Comedy Series category. The series also received an Olivier nomination for Comedy TV Show of the Year.

Fred also works within groups, scriptwriting for the series L’œil du cyclone, the animated children’s series MaXi, the medieval comedy show Le trône de laine d'acier avec une patte rouillée pas ben ben solide and Comme des têtes pas de poule.

His commercial background makes him a spontaneous author, who excels in brainstorms. His experience allowed him to develop his versatility and the malleability of his texts. He possesses an amazing capacity to adapt dialogs, language and tone, according to the project and the audience.

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  • Comme des têtes pas de poule / Scénariste / Pierre Théorêt / Téléfiction Productions inc. / 2022 to today
  • Le trône de laine d'acier avec une patte rouillée pas ben ben solide / Scénariste / Telefiction / 2022
  • L'oeil du cyclone / Auteur / Alain Chicoine / Productions KOTV inc. / 2021
  • Synvain rénove tel que vu à la tv / Auteur / Agence ComédiHa! inc. / 2020
  • MaXi / Auteur / Frima Studio inc. / 2017
  • C’est presque bon à savoir / Scénariste / ICI Radio-Canada / 2023

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