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Marie-Claude Verdier made her first foray into writing for the stage as a teenager. Her short story, was selected by Théâtre le Clou to be included in the show Les nouveaux Zurbains série III in 1999. The work was published in the collection Les Zurbains (Dramaturges éditeurs) and in Jamais de la Vie (Éditions duPassage). Shec ontinued her studies at the École supérieure de théâtre, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in Criticism andPlaywriting, followed by a Master’s in Dramaturgy at the University of Glasgow. In the fall of 2013, her first play, Je n’y suis plus, was produced at the National Arts Centre’s French Theatre, as part of the biannual festival ZonesThéâtrales. Translator (and playwright) Alexis Diamond also won the 2013 Playwrights’ Workshop Cole Foundation Translation Competition award, in Montreal, for his translation ofJe n’y suis plus into English. The play was produced in London (UK), Montreal and at the Summer Works Festival in Toronto. In 2015, Marie-Claude returned to Les Zurbains after 18 years with her short play Le laboratoire, presented throughout Quebec. Her second play, Nous autres antipodes was nominated for the Gratien-Gélinas award for young playwrights. Then, she was commissioned by theMontpellier company Adesso e Sempre to create an in-situ and interactive audio adaptation of Antigone for teenage audiences. Andy’s Gone has now been touring France for 4 years and for more than a hundred performances. Marie-Claude was playwright in residence in Belgium for the CED and at Le Rideau Theater in Brussels to work on her new sci-fi play,Cosmos. She is currently making a radio adaptation of Villiers de l’Isle-Adam’s Ève Future. She was in residence at the National Archives (BAnQ) to research material for her new play, Apparitions, a gothic retelling of Montreal’s history. Marie-Claude has worked with several leading directors including Christian Lapointe (Sauvageau Sauvageau and Constituons!), Benoît Vermeulen (Bilan at TNM) andMarc Beaupré (L’Iliade).Marie-Claude has also been involved with many prestigious Canadian theatrical institutions. Upon returning from her M.phil in Glasgow, she was hired by the National Arts Centre as coordinator for the youth section under the directorship of Denis Marleau and Wajdi Mouawad. She later moved to Montreal to become head of CEAD’s documentation centre. She now works at the National Theatre School of Canada’s library.

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  • Andy's gone IV / Auteure / Julien Bouffier / Adesso e sempre (Montpellier, FR) / 2023
  • Châteaux du ciel / Autrice / Théâtre Denise Pelletier / 2023
  • De vos yeux (Andy's gone III) / Auteure / Julien Bouffier / Adesso e sempre (Montpellier, FR) / 2022
  • Seeker / Dramaturge / Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui / 2021
  • Vermine radieuse / Traductrice / Théâtre de la marée haute / 2020
  • La faille (Andy's gone II) / Auteure / Julien Bouffier / Adesso e sempre (Montpellier, FR) / 2020
  • Menlo park / Auteure / Marie-Claude Verdier / 2020
  • Constituons ! / Dramaturge / Carte blanche et du Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui en coproduction avec le Festival TransAmériques / 2019
  • Bilan / Dramaturge / Benoit Vermeulen / TNM / 2018
  • L'Iliade / Dramaturge / Marc Beaupré / Coproduction Théâtre Denise-Pelletier / Terre des hommes / 2017
  • Andy's gone / Auteure / Julien Bouffier / Adesso e sempre (Montpellier, FR) / 2016 to 2017
  • Nous autres Antipodes / Auteure / Centre des Auteurs Dramatiques (CEAD) / 2016
  • Sauvageau Sauvageau / Dramaturge / Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui / Théâtre Blanc / 2015
  • Le laboratoire / Auteure / Théâtre le Clou / Les Zurbains, Théâtre les Gros becs et Le Préau à Vire (France) / 2015
  • Je n'y suis plus / Auteure / CNA et Zones Théâtrales / 2013
  • (Tome I) / Auteure / Les Zurbains en série / 2005
  • Vignettes Gélinas/Hansberry/Gauvreau / Auteure / Liberté / 2019
  • Chercher le renard et trouver la lune / Auteure / Lettres Québécoises #170 / 2018
  • Dossier Sauvageau Sauvageau (témoignages et bio) / Auteure / Dossier Témoignage et Bio 3900 (Vol.7) / 2015
  • La langue déclassée / Auteure / Revue Liberté #304 / 2014
  • L'intime comme terrain de jeu (avec cruauté) / Auteure / Dossier Témoignage et Bio 3900 / 2014
  • À propos d'elle / Auteure / Cahier du Théâtre français / 2013
  • L'Orignal Russe / Auteure / Cahier du Théâtre français / 2007
  • Debout / Scénariste (court-métrage) / INIS (Institut national de l'image et du son) / 2015
  • Améro / Scénariste (ép. 2) / Matthew Fournier / INIS (Institut national de l'image et du son) / 2015

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