Sara Montpetit


Agent Karine Lapierre
Coordination Alma de Montplaisir

Weight : 45 kg
Height : 160 cm
Eyes : brown
Hairs : noir
Spoken languages : Français, anglais (avec accent)
Member of : UDA


Since childhood, Sara has been going on stage.  Discovering this passion at a young age, she has been studying acting throughout her whole school career. Precisely, at Robert Gravel highschool in dramatic arts, curriculum which she now continues at Cégep Saint-Laurent.

In 2021, she makes a debut in cinema, embodying in a just and sensitive way the character of Maria Chapdelaine, in Sébastien Pilote’s adaptation of the acclaimed novel of the same title by Louis Hémon. Role for which she won the IRIS Gala Québec Cinema Prize in the « Revelation of the year » category in 2022. The same year, she plays Chloé in Charlotte LeBon’ first feature-length film Falcon Lake, revealed at Cannes for the Directors' Fortnight. Recently, she lends her talent to Ariane Louis-Seize in Vampire Humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant. Film praised in Venice, in which she beautifully plays Sasha, the empathetic vampire.

Activist, founder of the collective Pour le futur Montréal, Sara is a young woman committed towards advocating against climate change.

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  • Vampire Humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant / Sasha / Ariane Louis-Seize / Art et Essai Inc. / 2023
  • Falcon Lake / Falcon Lake / Charlotte Le Bon / Metafilms inc. / 2022
  • Maria Chapdelaine / Maria Chapdelaine / Item 7 inc. / 2021

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